Welcome to My Denver Criminal Defense Law Blog

My name is Doug Richards.  I believe there are four things that make the best criminal defense attorneys:

  • Experience
  • Great Attitude
  • Hard Work
  • In-depth knowledge of the law.

I strive to fulfill each of these on a daily basis.  As federal criminal defense attorney in Denver, I believe my experience with the United States District Attorney's office not only gives me amazing experience as an attorney, but a unique perspective as both prosecutor and defender for federal crimes such as:

Experience and Compassion


It is easy to become Jaded as an attorney.  I know that everyone is not innocent, but I am empathetic to every single one of my clients, because they deserve the best representation.  

Hard Work and Continuing Education


My Commitment to my clients means hard work on every single criminal case I defend.  It also means that I am continually educating my self on the latest laws and decisions in Denver and at the Federal Level.  With the hard work of this blog, I hope to offer knowledge and a fighting chance to all of those entering the federal and Denver's Legal System.