Marc O’Leary, a Denver -area man is charged with Sexual Assault and is also accused of taking more than 100 photos while he assaulted a woman.


The judge ruled on Monday that there was enough evidence to pursue a case against O’Leary.  O’Leary faces 28 charges of alleged sexual assault of a Westminster woman last summer.


The assult lasted over 2 hours in her apartment where O’Leary also allegedly took the photos.  After a search of his home a camera memory card with photos he took during the assault using the automatic timer on the camera.


O’ Leary is suspected of similar assaults in Washington state and in the Denver Area.    His arraignment is set for May 16.


Many attorneys do not accept these cases. As a former Assistant U.S Attorney, I have had experience in many cases like this. These are very serious charges and this person needs a very good attorney experienced in Sexual Crimes.