Earl Albert Moore, the man suspected of placed an explosive device inside a Jefferson County mall last week will make an appearance in court on Wednesday.  The explosive device failed and Moore was arrested a little before 7:30AM,  according to Boulder Police spokesperson Kim Kobel, at the King Soopers at Table Mesa Drive and Broadway.  Someoone spotted hime drinking coffee at Starbucks.


Moore tried to slip out of Starbucks when he noticed police were entering the establishment in pursuit of him, but was arrested in the parking lot. Moore followed the officers direction and was unarmed.  When asked for his name, Moore gave them a fake name. He was held in custody until he was turned over to the FBI.


More has priors that include multiple larceny convictions, a drug offense, and reckless driving, and a bank robbery.


As a former Assistant U.S Attorney, I have had experience in many cases like this. These are very serious charges and this person needs a very good attorney experienced in federal criminal charges. As an Assistant District Attorney, I tried over 70 criminal jury trials, ranging from murder, armed robbery, sexual assaults of adults and children and kidnapping, to DUI, assault and simple drug possession.