Effective next month, top Denver criminal defense lawyer, Robert T. McAllister has agreed to be disbarred. The decision comes after the acknowledgement that he twice intentionally converted client funds. McAllister has since repaid his clients.

McAllister’s Denver Lawyer fame stems from two of his biggest cases in the 1990’s: his representation of David Mandarich, president of Richmond Homes and Dewi Sukarno, former first lady of Indonesia. McAlister was also among the team of lawyers defending clients in the U.S. government’s criminal prosecution stemming from allegations of wrongdoing at the Rocky Flats bomb-making plant in suburban Denver.

The news of McAllisters disbarment shocked and saddened other Denver criminal defense attorneys, who spoke brilliantly of McAllister’s mastery of the courtroom.

McAllister did not fight back in his proceedings with Colorado’s Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. When asked about his disbarment McAllister responded, “I’m devastated by it, I have to admit that I’m in violation.”

According to court documents, McAllister acknowledged receiving $105,255.43 of client funds without permission or while the money was restricted by court order.

“Pursuant to ABA Standard 4.1, disbarment is generally appropriate when a lawyer knowingly converts client property and causes injury or potential injury to a client,” McAllister and the attorney regulation counsel’s office stipulated.

Doc 198

As a former Assistant U.S Attorney, I have had experience in many cases like these. These are very serious charges and if you are accused of a federal crime, you will need a very good attorney experienced in federal criminal charges. As an Assistant District Attorney, I tried over 70 criminal jury trials, ranging from murder, armed robbery, sexual assaults of adults and children and kidnapping, to DUI, assault and simple drug possession.