Gun advocates from 19 groups across 20 states are rallying together as defenders of the national Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).


The case: Peterson v. Garcia, et al. — Gray Peterson, a Washington state resident, who has a concealed weapons permit from Florida is suing Denver due to its ban on carrying handguns openly.


Colorado does not recognize gun permits not obtained within the state that do not recognize Colorado issued permits. The city of Denver has a complete ban on any concealed weapons and only recognized Colorado state issues permits for open carry permits.


In Peterson’s case it states the law “penalizes Washington residents who engage in travel to Colorado, just as surely as if it denied Washington residents the right to worship…or if it imposed warrantless searches on every Washingtonian who flies into Denver International Airport.”


The Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League (CCDL), one of the rallying groups in support of Peterson, released a press release stating that Colorado laws “create victims out of good Americans who must render themselves defenseless simply due to geographical location…”


Statistics provided by the FBI show otherwise. Violent crimes has declined nation wide with urban areas seeing dramatic drops in crime rates. It also states that Denver’s violent crime rate is the lowest it has been since 2000.

As a former Assistant U.S Attorney, I have had experience in many cases like this. Robbery and Gun Charges are very serious charges and if charged, you need a very good attorney experienced in federal criminal charges and federal gun crimes.