Michael Allen, 30, was arrested on Thursday evening on suspicion of firing several shots at two homes in Colorado Springs. Police were called and a report was given of a man threatening residents on the 2100 block of Kodiak Drive. It was reported that the suspect was seen driving a silver Ford Escape in the area.


The suspect’s vehicle was pursed and eventually pulled over at the intersection of Circle Drive and Monterey Road.


Allen fled the vehicle and was caught and put into custody. The gun used in the shooting was recovered by officers after it was thrown from the vehicle during the pursuit.


Allen was wanted on outstanding misdemeanor and felony warrants. He has been charge with two counts of attempted first-degree murder.


Two other suspects were in the vehicle when stopped. Jessica Wilkerson, 28, was charged with one count of criminal accessory to attempted first-degree murder and one count of vehicular eluding.


The last passenger was released after further investigation.

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