Two medical marijuana patients had their home raided by the Colorado Springs Police SWAT team, yet no arrests were made or charges filed. A security camera shows 13 SWAT officers coming to the door, where one officer rams open the door and a flash bang is tossed inside the home.

Chuck Ball, one of the residents, believes excessive force was used as he was drug across the kitchen floor, handcuffed and repeated told to “shut up.” Mr. Ball and his roommate grow their own medical marijuana and stated they have never grown more plants than allowed by Colorado law. Mr. Ball claims to have not heard the knock from the SWAT team and said his shirt was ripped and that there was damage to the house and his dogs were hurt by the flash bang.

Ball believes the raid was conducted due to tips provided by his roommate’s ex, who claimed that they housed more plants than Colorado law allowed.

Police first came to the house on Christmas evening, where Ball and his roommate showed their medical marijuana cards and refused to allow officers to conduct a search without a warrant. The investigation continued and an unusually high electricity bill, which is supposedly a sign of excess growing, was noted. Police also found a prior felony weapons charge for someone living in the house.

As a Denver Medical Marijuana Attorney, I think it’s important that patients that are following the laws feel safe in their homes. They should never have to worry about their home being raided when they are doing everything legally.