On Friday, March 30, a former #2 overall pick of the 1998 NFL draft, Ryan Leaf was arrested on burglary and drug possession charges in Great Falls, Montana. Leaf faces two felony charges, burglary and criminal possession of drugs, as well as a misdemeanor charge of theft. According to authorities, 20 Oxycodone pills, for which Leaf does not have a prescription, where found inside a golf bag inside of Leaf’s truck.

The arrest culminates a month-long investigation by the Central Montana Drug Task Force after they received a tip from the USPS that Leaf had been receiving “suspicious cash-on-delivery packages from Florida.” Leaf allegedly stole the Oxycodone pills from an acquaintance’s home.

Then on Monday, April 2, just three days after posting bond for his Friday arrest, Leaf was arrested again in Great Falls on similar charges of burglarizing a home and stealing prescription pills. According to authorities, the owners of a home in Great Falls, Montana, came home Sunday afternoon and found a “tall man with an athletic build” inside. The man immediately left and the owners later discovered three bottles of prescription medication missing. The called the police and later identified Leaf out of a photo lineup.

A search of Leaf’s home turned up 89 loose hydrocodone pills. Also, Leaf reportedly tested positive for drugs at the time of his Friday arrest, and admitted to taking oxycodone pills in the previous few weeks.

Burglary and possession of prescription pills are very serious charges and Leaf will certainly need an experienced Drug Defense Lawyer. It is also important for Leaf, due to his celebrity status, to attain a Burglary Lawyer that is comfortable and experienced in high profile cases.