Jobs Requiring Disclosure Of Criminal Records

What jobs would require me to disclose a sealing in my record?

Some employment positions — such as working for a government agency, or as an attorney — require that applicants fully disclose their criminal records . Denver criminal defense attorney Doug Richards explains that, in these particular cases, even sealed records will be reported. He advises anyone with a sealing on their record to seek out legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney during their job application process, to ensure everything is reported correctly.

“There are certain jobs or professional applications that you would have to disclose that you had a criminal record even after the petition to seal was granted. Just because the judge says the record is ordered sealed, there are still some times you’d have to disclose it, such as if you were applying to become an attorney and you were filling out your bar application.  Even though the record is sealed, you would still have to go through that process and let them know that you had this in the background.

I always recommend that people that have questions about those kinds of applications contact me and ask a few questions. I don’t charge anything for that. I’m happy to help.”