Searching For A Job When You Have A Criminal Record

Can sealing my criminal record help my job search?

Denver criminal defense attorney Doug Richards explains the difference sealing one’s criminal record can make during the search for a job. He explains that prospective employers are very likely to look at candidates’ records.

If you have a case that you were not convicted of, and feel it might be possible to seal the records, Doug Richards can help. He is a knowledgeable, driven attorney who can take on the case.

“Somebody would want to have their records sealed because when an employer, or if you’re looking to rent an apartment, or those sorts of people are trying to find something out about you and the case has been dismissed it’s still going to show up on your criminal record. Just because it’s dismissed doesn’t mean it gets wiped off.  You have to take the additional step of going through the petition to seal.

If you’re curious about sealing and want to know whether your case fits within the statutory framework for that, give me a call. I’m happy to take a look at your particular case. We can pull up the records online usually and see pretty quickly whether or not your case is one that’s eligible.”