In Denver, House Bill 1254 was given initial approval by the full House.  it is aimed at reducing bullying in schools within Denver and within other communities across the state. The bill will more clearly define what bullying is, including cyber bullying and other non-physical types of abuse.  The bill also proposes to require schools to have anti-bullying programs and allows schools to request grants that fund such programs.

Cyber Bullying Can Be A Serious Crime

At it’s best cyberbullying, where an indiviual or group attacks another online, hurts people’s feelings.  At it’s worst, cyberbullying is a severe cybercrime. Cyberbullying can lead to suicide or murder and sometimes result in federal charges.

True cyberbullying is horrible, but Cyberbullying is new crime but still one that people may easily be accused of after a simple misunderstanding.  Do not jump to conclusions if someone has been accused of this internet crime and if you have been, do not do anything without consulting an attorney experienced in cybercrime like cyberbullying.