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5280 Defense Lawyer Doug Richards | Federal Crime Defense Lawyer | Denver CO

Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s who you have standing next to you, in court, fighting for your rights, that really makes the difference. I’ve been a federal prosecutor, I’ve been a state prosecutor. The type of experience that few other attorneys have had. I can look at your case, through the eyes of a prosecutor, through the eyes of a police officer. I can tell you what they’re thinking. I can tell you about...

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Anti-bullying Bill Passes House | Cyberbullying | Denver CO

In Denver, House Bill 1254 was given initial approval by the full House.  it is aimed at reducing bullying in schools within Denver and within other communities across the state. The bill will more clearly define what bullying is, including cyber bullying and other non-physical types of abuse.  The bill also proposes to require schools to have anti-bullying programs and allows schools to request grants that fund such programs. Cyber...

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Facebook Takes New Steps to Prevent Cyberbullying | Cybercrimes

Cyberbullying can be a Severe Crime   Cyberbullying has been on the rise, hurting school aged kids through out Colorado, United States, and the world.  At it's best cyberbullying, where an indiviual or group attacks another online, hurts people's feelings.  At it's worst, cyberbullying is a severe cybercrime. Cyberbullying can lead to suicide or murder and sometimes result in federal charges. Facebook Fights...

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