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Hedge Fund Billionaire Convicted On 14 Counts of Fraud

Raj Rajaratnam, a hedge fund billionaire, was convicted on 14 counts of fraud and conspiracy.  It was a historic victory for the Justice Department when the verdict came in. They used tactics that were once only reserved for mobsters, drug dealers to help expose insider trafficking between financial professionals and their corporate insiders. Rajaratnam, 53, was accused of using fraud to reap profits or avoid losses of more than $60...

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5280 Defense Lawyer Doug Richards | Federal Crime Defense Lawyer | Denver CO

Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s who you have standing next to you, in court, fighting for your rights, that really makes the difference. I’ve been a federal prosecutor, I’ve been a state prosecutor. The type of experience that few other attorneys have had. I can look at your case, through the eyes of a prosecutor, through the eyes of a police officer. I can tell you what they’re thinking. I can tell you about...

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Insider Trading Defined? | White Collar Crime News |Raj Rajaratnam and Goldman Sachs

As a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney ,in Denver, I am constantly paying attention to the latest news on White Collar Crime, especially when it comes to possibly redefining the law. Here is an interesting case about Insider Trading. Was The Information Great Research or Insider Information? A recent case involving Raj Rajaratnam and hids Firm, Galleon. In a recent article, Walter Palvo discusses how allegedly  Rajartnam took a...

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