Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s who you have standing next to you, in court, fighting for your rights, that really makes the difference. I’ve been a federal prosecutor, I’ve been a state prosecutor. The type of experience that few other attorneys have had. I can look at your case, through the eyes of a prosecutor, through the eyes of a police officer. I can tell you what they’re thinking. I can tell you about their strategy. I have the experience to handle all sorts of cases. From simple drug possession, immigration, to complex white collar crime. Prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys have all described me as a fierce and tenacious advocate. I have over 80 jury trials that I have taken to verdict and I am very comfortable and confident that I can help you in your case.


I am accessible to my clients 24-hours a day. When you need help, you get me.


I chose Doug Richards because I was in need of counsel because he was very knowledgeable, professional, attentive. Whenever I e-mailed him or called him with any questions or concerns, he was always on top of it.  There wasn’t a receptionist that answered the phone, it was Doug Richards. This is a very critical point in your life and you have really important decisions to make.  Who you decide to have stand up and fight for your rights, WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.