From experience, our Denver Defense Attorney at The Law Office of Douglas Richards knows when your high profile case needs to be moved to a different trial location based on the jury pool and the effect the media has had on it.

“The high publicity cases can affect a jury pool to the point that you need
to actually move your case or try to get your case moved from the area
where the media has taken attention to it. I’m involved in a very high
publicity case right now where the media has created a version of events
that’s completely inaccurate, and so what we want to do now is get the case
moved out of that particular jurisdiction because there’s no way you can
get a fair pool or panel of jurors from that particular area. You need to
go to another location where the jurors may have heard something about it,
but they’re not completely inundated.

If you don’t have an attorney who has experience dealing with the media or
observing or being aware of those sorts of issues, it’s going to be lost on
that type of a lawyer. You need someone who can get in there, identify
these issues quickly, and protect your interest, because if you have a jury
who has been inundated with media stories, be it newspapers or on TV or the
Internet, blog posts, all these things will add up against you in the sense
that jurors are reading this, people are reading this, and the day after
your arrest on a high publicity case, they’re reading a newspaper article
about what happened and they’re making their decision right then.”