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Can my High Profile Case be Moved to a New Trial Location | Denver | Colorado

From experience, our Denver Defense Attorney at The Law Office of Douglas Richards knows when your high profile case needs to be moved to a different trial location based on the jury pool and the effect the media has had on it. “The high publicity cases can affect a jury pool to the point that you need to actually move your case or try to get your case moved from the area where the media has taken attention to it. I’m...

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How Can I Handle the Media on my High Profile Case | Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

“Whether you want the media to be there or not, on a high publicity case, on a high profile case, they’re going to show up. They’re going to put cameras in front of you. They’re going to put microphones right in front of you. They’re going to want someone to say something. The thing that’s worse than not saying anything is saying the wrong thing. What you need is somebody who’s comfortable standing...

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