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College Student Defense Attorney | Denver | Boulder | Colorado

“College kids are not immune to criminal offenses as well. Some of my clients come to me with DUI cases or drug cases and I’m very comfortable helping a college kid who’s parents might not be in Colorado, navigate through the criminal justice system in Colorado. I can handle cases from the University of Denver, CU Boulder, Colorado School of Minds, any of the local colleges. I’m very happy to help college kids...

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Can Parents Call You to Help Defend Their Child? | Denver Defense Lawyer | Boulder | Colorado

“Parents are welcome to call me. I’ve been very helpful to numerous parents who have kids here in Denver, or in the Denver area. They’re very nervous, of course about what’s going to happen to their child, they’re not here, how do they pick the right lawyer? Typically what I do, I just spend a lot of time with the parent, explaining the criminal justice system in Denver, going through their case, or their...

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