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Durham’s Defense Looking Flimsy When Faced With Strong Prosecution

For the past week, prosecutors have been forming a strong case against Fair Finance businessmen Tim Durham, Rick D. Snow, and James F. Cochran. The three have been accused of stealing roughly $200 million from investors, and so far they have been charged with securities fraud, wire fraud and the conspiracy to commit both. If the three are found guilty, they could potentially be fined thousands of dollars and spend decades in prison. So far,...

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Experience as a Federal Prosecutor | Drug Crimes Attorney | Denver | Boulder | Colorado

“When I was a federal prosecutor I worked for the Department of Justice as an Assistant US Attorney for the western district of Texas. I was based out of the Del Rio office, which meant I was on the border. I handled lots of drug cases, a couple hundred pounds of marijuana and cocaine, those types of things. We did lots of public corruption, white collar crime, terrorism cases and all sorts of federal cases like that.” If you...

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Advantages of Being Represented by a Former Federal Prosecutor | Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney | Denver

“Being a federal prosecutor, being a state prosecutor is a very difficult job. You’re in court all the time, you have to be able to think quickly on your feet, and you have to be prepared for a lot of cases that are all going to trial at around the same time. As a criminal defense attorney, I bring that same experience. I go, I prepare my cases one-hundred miles an hour as if we’re going to trial. I also prepare my cases...

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