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Why would you be brought with federal charges for cocaine possession?

Denver criminal defense attorney Doug Richards discusses which cases of cocaine and marijuana possession would be taken to federal court. For more information, or if you need legal help, contact the law offices of Denver drug defense attorney Doug Richards, or call 888-888-5280 for you free consultation. If you get arrested with cocaine in your pocket, it’s very unlikely that it’s going to be an amount that the federal government is...

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How do Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Relate to Money Laundering and Structuring | Colorado

Our Denver Medical Marijuana Attorney at The Law Office of Douglas Richards has experience dealing with cases relating to structuring and money laundering in regards to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. “In the state of Colorado, our Constitution was amended a number of years ago to allow people to possess and grow marijuana legally. It’s legal under state law. It’s not legal under federal law. You have a problem...

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Difference Between State and Federal Crimes | Denver Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

“A state level crime is prosecuted by the people of the state of Colorado. You have Assistant Deputy, or Deputy District Attorneys that are handling those cases. A lot of times they are DUI’s, simple drug possession cases, assault cases. Moving up into felonies you have burglaries, homicides, robberies, sexual assaults. Versus a Federal case which is typically not a victim type crime, so you usually don’t have murders,...

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