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Why would you be brought with federal charges for cocaine possession?

Denver criminal defense attorney Doug Richards discusses which cases of cocaine and marijuana possession would be taken to federal court. For more information, or if you need legal help, contact the law offices of Denver drug defense attorney Doug Richards, or call 888-888-5280 for you free consultation. If you get arrested with cocaine in your pocket, it’s very unlikely that it’s going to be an amount that the federal government is...

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How do Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Work | Colorado

“In Colorado, the medical marijuana laws have been written to allow for people to get medical marijuana cards if they have some sort of an ailment and they can purchase the marijuana. The dispensaries can also operate if they have the proper licenses. The marijuana doesn’t just get there magically. Somebody has to grow it. So the laws provide for people to be caretakers, and they can grow a certain amount of plants depending on...

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Federal vs. State Cases | Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer | Colorado | Denver | Boulder

“Federal case is prosecuted by the government. Typically a federal case is going to be a much larger case than a state case, because there’s a much larger investigation that goes into it. Typically, on a federal case, you’ll have one or more federal agencies, such as FBI, DEA, ICE, ATF, all working together to make a larger case against a particular criminal defendant. Also, on federal cases, it’s very typical that...

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